I know Petroff, the boss of the company, since about 15 years now: He is addicted to his work, he likes creating unusual solutions and his own aesthetic demand and level is pretty high. He did a lot of work at our 2 houses, and I am always proud to show visitors his work. Over the years we always kept in touch and whenever I have time I go to see his projects `at work´ and growing- and his happy face when he again did something extraordinary. He never stops learning, always attending seminars and coming back with new, sophisticated ideas and solutions, which nobody ever did on the islands before. He is for sure one of the best constructors and construction-artists around, and I am proud to be connected with him closer every year. We have something in common: perfection is surely not possible, but trying to come close is one of the biggest challenges of life, which guarantees success and inner satisfaction- day by day…

Kay Fotografos

Paros island, Greece

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+30 6937303661

Livadia, Parikia, Paros
Cyclades, 84400

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